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  • "PPM" Kama " Ltd.

    Pulp and Paper Mill

  • Permskiy krai, Krasnokamsk

    Location of "PPM" Kama " Ltd.

  • 85,000 tons / year

    The production capacity of "PPM" Kama "

  • LWC

    The main product of "PPM" Kama "


    "PPM" Kama" is located at the intersection of key transport routes of the Ural.


Today PPM “KAMA” one of the most high-tech companies in the pulp and paper industry. Here for the first time in Russia it was built production of LWC paper.

Production capacity – 85 000 tons of paper per year. This allows to substitute  up to 25% of imports. The world’s first paper web for this type of paper is produced on the basis of raw aspen on technology developed and patented by our specialists.


Wood preparation production  
Start of construction 01.11.2008
Start of mounting 15.10.2009
Start of exploitation 01.03.2010
Capacity 200 000 Sq. cu. m. / year
Manufactory of bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp
Start of the site preparation 01.08.2009
Start of construction 10.12.2009
Start of mounting 25.05.2010
Start of exploitation 01.07.2011
Capacity 200 tons per day
Raw materials birch or pine wood chips
 PM №7
Stop for reconstruction 01.07.2009
Start building restoration 10.12.2009
Start of mounting 15.05.2010
Start of paper production 01.10.2011
Start of LWC production 03.11.2011
Capacity 85 000 tons per year
The main production LWC

PM №7– THE PRODUCTION OF LWC (85 000 tons per year).

Technical characteristics
Mass m2 g  45 – 90  A wide range of products.
The roughness (PPS 10) μm  1.2 – 2.0  Complies with competitors.
Bulk cm3 / g  0.8 – 1.0  Complies with competitors.
Gloss (Hunter)%  20 – 55 (60)  Integrated 6-Shaft calendar will allow to produce matt, silk and glossy varieties.
Whiteness %  70 – 90 CTMP hardwood allows to get paper with high whiteness.
Transparency %  88 – 93  It depends on the grammage of paper. It corresponds to the level of competitors.


The result a of project realization of a LWC production on the basis of raw hardwood:

  • import substitution – annual decline of import expenditure on more than 3 billion rubles, providing more than 25% of the domestic needs of the printing industry;
  • Introduction of new technology – the production of coated paper technology based on hardwood (birch, aspen) is unique in the world practice and developed by our specialists with the participation of leading international scientific organizations. Paper has been tested and corresponds to the requirements of modern printers. “Rospatent” declared PPM “Kama” priority on the developed technology.
  • Involvement in the production of low-grade birch wood, which is approximately a 10-fold increase in the value added in the processing of 1 cu. m. of wood raw material.