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  • "PPM" Kama " Ltd.

    Pulp and Paper Mill

  • Permskiy krai, Krasnokamsk

    Location of "PPM" Kama " Ltd.

  • 85,000 tons / year

    The production capacity of "PPM" Kama "

  • LWC

    The main product of "PPM" Kama "


    "PPM" Kama" is located at the intersection of key transport routes of the Ural.


  • 2013 June. Industrial production of new products – the SC and LWC paper.
  • 2008/2011 Implementation of «LWC Kama» project to build the first Russian production of LWC paper.
  • 2007/2011 The company has a large-scale modernization, a modern high-tech manufacturing to produce LWC paper is created.
  • 1982/2000 Reconstruction of brew house pulp production. This allowed the company to master the curing of aspen wood, which expanded the existing resource base and substantially improved the quality characteristics of offset paper.
  • 1995 The prestigious prize “Golden Star”, awarded in 1995 in Madrid.
  • 1990 Production capacity of the enterprise: Paper – 256 800 tonnes, cooked pulp – 175 thousand tons, pulp – 90 thousand tons, school books – 255 million pieces.
  • 1988 The plant of biological treatment of industrial waste water was put into operation, capacity 437,000 cubic meters per day. A new plant for the production of thermomechanical pulp was build. Its design capacity – 50 thousand tons per year of thermomechanical pulp, which bleaching is performed with hydrogen peroxide. The equipment supplied by the company “Mitsubishi” (Japan).
  • 1987 The first paper coating is obtained after reconstruction.
  • 1987 It was put auto company The transport and packaging line was commissioned «Wärtsilä» (Finland). This line allows packing and labeling 2400 rolls of paper a day.
  • 1982 Paper machine number 7 was replaced by a machine with a gap former unit of the company “Voith” (Austria), a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year – the basis for the production of paper LWS. The coater (firm “Voith”) was mounted and launched in 1984.
  • 1982 The equipment is mounted. However, coaters were installed and put into operation much later
  • 1980 Several BDM, sulphite mill and BCTMP plant are operated. The company manufactures the following products: newsprint, newspaper “plump”, offset; wrapping paper for packaging; sulphite pulp.
  • 1979 Equipment of paper machines was purchased.
  • 1977 Contract for the complete replacement of the paper machines №7 and №8 to more productive machinery (company VOITH) was signed.
  • 1961 Coated paper, the raw material of which was softwood (spruce, fir) was obtained at a paper mill №2 for the first time in the USSR. №7 paper machine was equipped with a built-coater type “weight”.
  • 1936 January 3. The start-up of production
  • 1929 Enterprise Foundation