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Tourist meeting «Lesovik 2017!»

Employees of pulp-and-paper mill “Kama” took part in the next tourist meeting “Lesovik 2017!”, which was held from 10 to 11 June at the recreation center «Stroganovskie prostori», Dmitrovskoye village. In order to strengthen cooperation between labor unions of the leading PPI enterprises in Permskiy krai, the Tourslet is held annually. This year, teams of 8 labor union activists took part in the quest game, competed in mini-football, and in the Brain-ring, dedicated to the Year of Ecology in Russia. The winners received diplomas from the organizers of the event. In the evening, a concert program was organized for the participants of the tour.

LLC “Kamabumprom” and LLC “Kamabumprom. Ochistka”- taxpayers of the year!

LLC “Kamabumprom” and LLC “Kamabumprom. Ochistka “- taxpayers of the year! On May 18, the XIII Krasnokamsk Business Forum “Development of Entrepreneurship in Municipalities” took place, in which Kamabumpprom LLC and Kamabumprom LLC took part. “. The purpose of the event is to find solutions to current issues facing the business community , state and municipal authorities.

Krasnokamsk business forum is one of the most authoritative sites for discussing business problems. Annually the forum gathers more than 250 entrepreneurs from all over the Perm Territory. At the end of the event, a solemn ceremony of awarding prizes to the head of the Krasnokamsk municipal district took place, in which Kamabumpprom and Kamabumprom. Ochistka were awarded the” Entrepreneur of the Year “prize in the nomination” Taxpayer of the Year “.


Spring and Labour Day!

Employees of the pulp and paper mill “KAMA” took part in the traditional festive procession, which takes place on the streets of Krasnokamsk on May 1. More than 200 employees of the enterprise passed through the city streets in the column of the plant. Many came to the holiday with relatives and children. By tradition, the column of the pulp and paper mill “KAMA” was headed by representatives of the top management of the enterprise and the heads of the trade union committee of the pulp and paper mill.

«Kama» has acted as the organizer of the V All-Russian branch scientific-practical conference of pulp-and-paper industry

“Kama” became an organizer of the V All-Russian branch scientific and practical conference of students, young scientists and specialists “PERSPECTIVES OF TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGIES IN PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY”, March 24 -25, 2017.

The theme of the conference: “Innovation is the basis for the development of the pulp and paper and woodworking industries”.

At the conference, representatives of government, business, educational institutions and the industry community made presentations on key issues in the development of the pulp and paper industry, including reports on the latest developments and practices of the pulp and paper industry.

Within the framework of the round tables, leading experts and representatives of science will discuss topical issues of the industry development and ways of their solution.

More detailed information about the conference you can find by clicking on the link: http://cbp.pstu.ru/o-konferentsii/








Today the payment of the 6th coupon on Bonds Closed Joint Stock Company «Agent Kama»

Today the payment of the 6th coupon on Bonds of ZAO “Agency Kama” (issue 4-01-81400-H bonds). The size of the coupon payment of 54.65 rubles per bond nominal value of 1 000 rubles. The total amount of payments – 546 500 000 rubles.

Bank «Otkritie» with the support of the Permskiy Krai Government will finance the construction and launch of the new production based on the PPM «Kama»

Perm, December 8, 2016 The government of the Perm region, the Bank “Otkritie” and “Kama Cardboard” (a company created for the realization of a new investment project) signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation in the construction of new production facilities.

Under the terms of the agreement, “Otkritie” the bank will provide “Kama Cardboard” credit in the amount of 19.4 billion for the period of 10 years. The funds will be spent on construction of a new production complex on the basis of “Kama” pulp and paper mill in Krasnokamsk Permskiy Krai. Total investment in the project will amount to 29.3 billion rubles. New capacity allow “Kama Cardboard” to become the first Russian producer of coated board hromerzats – FBB (Folding Box Voard).

Under the project, new production and auxiliary facilities will be built on the site – a building with a total area of 100 thousand sq. m. to house the process equipment and engineering infrastructure, including construction of a new complex local treatment facilities using the best available techniques (BAT). The supply of the main technological equipment, supervision supervision and commissioning will be carried out the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for pulp and paper industry – ANDRITZ AG (Austria).

Commissioning of the new production complex is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2019. After reaching the design capacity output board FBB reach 220 thousand tons per year, sales revenue will exceed 15 billion rubles per year. The products will be supplied to the domestic market and for export. The planned share of “Kama Cardboard” FBB in the Russian market will be at least 65%.

Association «Business Club MIPT» co-MC «Inversion» had a business meeting «Attracting investment in industrial projects.»

The business meeting was attended by about 40 business owners and top managers, representatives of the investment and banking sectors, among which more than 20 MIPT graduates.

Business meeting was opened by Alexander Kutuzov, President of the Association, Managing Partner and CEO of PM Expert, who welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers of the event, graduates of MIPT: Sergey Gilev – founder and CEO of MC

“Inversion”, Dmitriy Borisov – Deputy Director General for investment and development, Igor Gorshunov – CFO and CEO “Khariyaga” LLC – Bogdan Plotnikov.

During the meeting Sergey Gilev told about the history of the management company “Inversion” and its basic directions of business activities. Dmitry Borisov and Bogdan Plotnikov presented oil and gas projects “Inversion”, focused their attention on the development of an optimal strategy oil-gas projects on the example of “Timano-Pechorskaya Gasovaya Kompaniya” and  “Khariyaga”. As a successful case study of import Dmitry Gorshunov presented a project of production  a high-quality packaged FBB paperboard, based on pulp and paper mill “Kama”. The project, which has no analogues in Russia, evoked great interest among the participants.

The meeting was held in the format of a live dialogue and after official part it was continued at the buffet table. Following the event, it was decided to hold such meetings on a regular basis.

Repair Department PPM «Kama» automated by TRIM

As a platform of ambitious investment projects, Factory interested in high availability and reliability of the equipment, cost of maintenance and repair processes, transparency in the maintenance and repair costs.

For the execution of works on implementation of MIS MRO customer attracted the company NPP “SpetsTek” (www.trim.ru) – a professional consultant and a leading Russian developer in the field of asset management software. Software platform project was the EAM / TRIM MRO-system design and development which the NPP “SpetsTek” engaged since 1994.

“By now all the tasks we have set for SpetsTek are solved within the framework of the implementation of MIS MRO. Among them -. the possibility of extending the system to new production, from the stage of delivery, acceptance, issuance and installation of equipment,” – said Alexey Kononov Technical Director of the Invest project FBB-KAMA.

“We have laid the foundation for the future management system for asset management PPM” KAMA “In this account the prospects for expanding production will provide a systematic approach to management, based on a common process model asset lifecycle.”, – Said Igor Kryukov, Deputy General Director of NPP “SpetsTek” on the quality, the Chairman of the technical Committee for standardization №086 “asset Management.

PPM «Kama» has published financial report for 2015. The company became profitable.

The net profit of the company amounted to – 135.8 million rubles. 2014 the company completed with a loss of 461.8 million rubles.
In comparison with year 2014 revenues of the company has doubled and amounted to 2.3 billion rubles.


«Kama» organized fascinating trip for its employees and their families

PPM “Kama” pays special attention to the organization of leisure activities for employees. At this time, “Kama” organized for its employees and their families a fascinating trip into one of the main places of family recreation in Perm – Perm Zoo. Particular impression the zoo made on children who liked its inhabitants.