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Bank «Otkritie» with the support of the Permskiy Krai Government will finance the construction and launch of the new production based on the PPM «Kama»

Perm, December 8, 2016 The government of the Perm region, the Bank “Otkritie” and “Kama Cardboard” (a company created for the realization of a new investment project) signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation in the construction of new production facilities.

Under the terms of the agreement, “Otkritie” the bank will provide “Kama Cardboard” credit in the amount of 19.4 billion for the period of 10 years. The funds will be spent on construction of a new production complex on the basis of “Kama” pulp and paper mill in Krasnokamsk Permskiy Krai. Total investment in the project will amount to 29.3 billion rubles. New capacity allow “Kama Cardboard” to become the first Russian producer of coated board hromerzats – FBB (Folding Box Voard).

Under the project, new production and auxiliary facilities will be built on the site – a building with a total area of 100 thousand sq. m. to house the process equipment and engineering infrastructure, including construction of a new complex local treatment facilities using the best available techniques (BAT). The supply of the main technological equipment, supervision supervision and commissioning will be carried out the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for pulp and paper industry – ANDRITZ AG (Austria).

Commissioning of the new production complex is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2019. After reaching the design capacity output board FBB reach 220 thousand tons per year, sales revenue will exceed 15 billion rubles per year. The products will be supplied to the domestic market and for export. The planned share of “Kama Cardboard” FBB in the Russian market will be at least 65%.