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Association «Business Club MIPT» co-MC «Inversion» had a business meeting «Attracting investment in industrial projects.»

The business meeting was attended by about 40 business owners and top managers, representatives of the investment and banking sectors, among which more than 20 MIPT graduates.

Business meeting was opened by Alexander Kutuzov, President of the Association, Managing Partner and CEO of PM Expert, who welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers of the event, graduates of MIPT: Sergey Gilev – founder and CEO of MC

“Inversion”, Dmitriy Borisov – Deputy Director General for investment and development, Igor Gorshunov – CFO and CEO “Khariyaga” LLC – Bogdan Plotnikov.

During the meeting Sergey Gilev told about the history of the management company “Inversion” and its basic directions of business activities. Dmitry Borisov and Bogdan Plotnikov presented oil and gas projects “Inversion”, focused their attention on the development of an optimal strategy oil-gas projects on the example of “Timano-Pechorskaya Gasovaya Kompaniya” and  “Khariyaga”. As a successful case study of import Dmitry Gorshunov presented a project of production  a high-quality packaged FBB paperboard, based on pulp and paper mill “Kama”. The project, which has no analogues in Russia, evoked great interest among the participants.

The meeting was held in the format of a live dialogue and after official part it was continued at the buffet table. Following the event, it was decided to hold such meetings on a regular basis.