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Repair Department PPM «Kama» automated by TRIM

As a platform of ambitious investment projects, Factory interested in high availability and reliability of the equipment, cost of maintenance and repair processes, transparency in the maintenance and repair costs.

For the execution of works on implementation of MIS MRO customer attracted the company NPP “SpetsTek” (www.trim.ru) – a professional consultant and a leading Russian developer in the field of asset management software. Software platform project was the EAM / TRIM MRO-system design and development which the NPP “SpetsTek” engaged since 1994.

“By now all the tasks we have set for SpetsTek are solved within the framework of the implementation of MIS MRO. Among them -. the possibility of extending the system to new production, from the stage of delivery, acceptance, issuance and installation of equipment,” – said Alexey Kononov Technical Director of the Invest project FBB-KAMA.

“We have laid the foundation for the future management system for asset management PPM” KAMA “In this account the prospects for expanding production will provide a systematic approach to management, based on a common process model asset lifecycle.”, – Said Igor Kryukov, Deputy General Director of NPP “SpetsTek” on the quality, the Chairman of the technical Committee for standardization №086 “asset Management.